Penn State Women's Volleyball

Brianna Connelly

Famous Player

According to the reporter Rose, “ Micha Hancock has certainly established herself as one of the best servers in college volleyball” (2). As Penn State is in the season so far, they are in the 4th seed(Penn State 1). Micha Hancock broke the NCAA tournament record for the most aces (5). She also earned the first team All-American for the Big Ten setter of the year (Penn State 1). Hancock is a marvelous volleyball player, but also played a role as a leader through her college years playing for Penn State Women’s college volleyball(Penn State 2).


There around 4 positions on the court. The 1st position is the outside hitter. The outside hitter hits strong-side which is on the left side of the court. The next position id the middle hitter. The middle hitter is in the front middle of the court. The middle can block, and also hit in the middle or a slide attack on the net. Katie Slay from Penn State, “ an amazing middle blocker and attacker.” Rose the reporter said. The next position is the setter. A setters main responsibility is to give the hitters a good set. Also the setter has the second contact for each possession, unless the setter calls help. The last position is the Libero/Defensive Specialist. The job the Libero/Defensive Specialists have is to give a good pass to the setter. This position is only back row. The Libero must wear a different color jersey. These positions do a lot of rolling a digging for the ball. All positions may be tricky, but if you really work hard you will be great at them(Ducksters 1-3).


In volleyball you must have six players on the court, but you can have more(University 1). Before playing the game you either do rock/paper/scissors, or flip a coin(University 2). The teams play best of 3 out of 5. Each game is to 25 points. If one of the teams win the rally; they get the point, and the serve(University 3). For each team you only get 2, 30-second timeouts per game. According to Michigan State University, "When playing you must wear tennis shoes for protection(5). This means that by wearing protection, it's easier to move around and that its safe. You are also not allowed to wear jewelry. If there was another ball to roll into the court; there will be a replay, and the team that served last will serve the replay(NCAA 4-5). There is many more rules, but these are the basic rules for indoor volleyball.

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