ORHS Class of 2021 Newsletter

All Senior Information

End of the 1st Nine Weeks

Seniors and Senior Parents,

Good morning - your child's senior year is now 25% complete! It will fly by. I wanted to update you on a few key dates for next semester.

I am hopeful that you are all adjusting to the school year and that you know if there is anything I can help with to please let me know.

My best,

AJ LiVecchi, Principal

Oak Ridge Senior High School

Second Semester Dates

Prom - April 23 - Friday (Seniors will have early release)

Top 15% Picture - April 30 - During Eagle's Nest

Top 15% Luncheon - May 6

Academic Signing - May 11

Senior Awards Night - May 12 - 6:30 pm


Due to PSAT Seniors have late arrival on 10/14. Classes will resume at 11:47am.

Seniors who are in person learners that want to do virtual school on 10/14 can - so long as they log into their classes on Canvas.

Senior Dues

Senior Dues are loaded on all Class of 2021 student's accounts. Senior Dues cover the following costs:

One Ticket to Prom

2 Class T-Shirts

One Ticket to Senior Picnic

Senior Gift

In the event that Senior Events are cancelled, the cost related to the event will be refunded. Items that are purchased cannot be refunded and the item will be given to the student.

Senior Dues are optional and do not include the cost of Caps and Gowns for graduation.


We will not sell stand-alone tickets to prom, except for at the door, for Seniors. The only way to purchase a prom ticket in advance if your child is a senior is through purchasing senior dues. Guest tickets will be available prior to the event - for non-senior guests to prom.

Senior Tickets for Football Games

Because of restrictions due to Covid-19, seating will be limited for Football games this year. There are tiers of who can purchase tickets first - starting with participant parents. After that seniors will have an opportunity to purchase tickets prior to juniors, sophomores, and freshman. Every purchaser is limited to 2 General Admission tickets per student per game.

Please click here for more information about ticketing for events at Woodforest Bank Stadium.

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