4th Grade with Miss Forsythe

Room 21

January 2016 Newsletter

Current Learning in Room 21

Reading: Students are finishing up Unit 3 on Native Americans in the next few weeks. We have read four books so far and will be reading our fifth and final book this week, Hiawatha. Students will be creating a book about Native Americans using the knowledge they have learned these last five weeks.

Writing: Students are learning about how to write an informational article and deciding what topic they are experts about so they can write their own informational articles.

Math: Students are finishing up Unit 3 on PEMDAS (the order of operations) and multi-step word problems.

Spelling: This week, students will be taking a pre-test and post-test on Lesson 11. See Spelling City to practice the words.

Class Goals: To be safe, responsible, and respectful in the hallway and classroom.

Homework Checklist

It is a new year with new opportunities ahead! Believe you can!

Class Dojo

I will be adding the parent email addresses that I have onto the Class Dojo website so that you can receive updates on how your child is behaving in the classroom. Room 21 is using Class Dojo as a way to monitor positive and negative behaviors. Students receive points for showing the Barry Way in the hallway, classroom, and on the playground. At the end of each week, the number of points your child has will allow them to earn a certain number of Barry Bucks and a prize.