6 Things You Need To Know About

Dirt biking

1. Get on.

Getting on the bike is the first step to a great riding day full of mud and wind in your hair. There is no need to be scared, just take the advice from Mr. Lance Armstrong. "If you are worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on" (cyclingnew.com).

2. Do not get all dolled up.

The key word in dirt biking is dirt. Dirt biking is not a clean sport. While on your bike, you will be going through dirt or mud. So don't wear your sunday clothes. Make sure you wear clothes that you are able to get dirty in.

3. There is a possibility of injuries.

When riding a dirt bike, there is always the possibility of a crash. There is no need to fret, it just comes with the game. "It's like riding a horse, you fall, you get back on the saddle" (Dombrowski). So when you do fall, try again and everything will be alright.

4. Being equipped will do the trick.

Equipment if something that is very much needed when hopping on to this motorized vehicle. With all the right equipment, the chances of you getting surreally injured. With your trusty helmet and a proper boots, you can go riding all day.

5. Take Breaks

When it comes to riding a dirt bike and being in the sun all day, your body tends to get tired. So after about two or less hours, make sure you take a break. Let your body rejuvenate for about 30 minutes, then you can be on your way.

6. Just Enjoy the ride.

Don't let anything or anyone psych you out, you will be just fine. Just make sure you follow all of these tips and you will be sure to enjoy the ride.

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