more legs

Greta-5th hour

Hi. I like robots with radical legs. also named mettaton.

I draw undertale and such... I like to call myself undertale trash. because i like to talk about the game and refuse to tell why it's the best game ever. With it's routes like Pacifist, Nuteral, and Genocide

Soo.. Answers to questions

Activities I do: I draw, And I dance (I suck at dancing yaaaay)

If I could travel anywhere: Littearly. I would go back to disney world cuz i flipping love that place

Favorite store: Believe it or not. I like the store Justice in which has a "girly" tone to it but I love the shirts there haaahhahaa...

Favorite singer/ band: Even though.. he makes music for the Undertale OST and the game creator Toby Fox's Undertale OST IS SO AMAZINGGGGGG

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