Greenhouse Gases

By: Cinnamon Roe

The problem with Greenhouse Gases

There are many types of pollution and all negatively affect our health, but greenhouse gases are arguably the worst because they trap heat on the planet and destroy the ice caps. With the ocean level rising beaches are being covered and there is less snow every winter. Greenhouse gases are mostly invisible to the naked eye but some greenhouse gases can be seen, they sometimes look like smoke. The most common greenhouse gases are Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and Fluorinated gases. These gases are released from different things but the most discussed is fossil fuel. Another thing greenhouse gases come from is livestock productions. Approximately 18% of greenhouse gas production and over 7% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock. Greenhouse gases are so horrible because they raise the average temperature, between .6 and .9 degrees celsius, causing the climate to change and changed climate causes the agricultural aspects of the area to change. For example is Florida gets hotter they might not be able to grow some of the produce they grow now.

Why don't we try this?

There are ways to destroy and prevent greenhouse gases that we don't do because they are too complicated or too much trouble. One of the biggest contributors is manure, which can be burned, which turns the methane into carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide can then be buried, which keeps it out of the atmosphere. Another way is to bury plants, they are made of carbon (a greenhouse gas), and burying them gets the carbon out of the atmosphere. The increase in carbon changes plants and many things release carbon. The bad thing is that the increase in carbon was totally preventable but no one did any thing to prevent it.

The Rise of Greenhouse Gases