Summer Reading Assignment

By: Ethan Parks

Exposition: Sweet Georgia Brown by Harry Connick Jr.

This song just has a real upbeat peaceful attitude, much like the 1950s. The beginning of the book has a peaceful mood. There's no war, Homer's living a nice life, and he's really not facing any internal or external challenges. This song perfectly sets up the drastic change in attitude during the rising action. Though Homer sees Sputnik 1 and chooses to build rockets, there is still a peaceful mood and tone.

Rising Action: Hall of Fame by The Script

This song talks about fighting through challenges to make it to the top, which is just what Homer does during this part of the story. He fights with his dad, the townspeople, and himself. He can't let everything going on outside affect him on the inside, or else he wouldn't build these rockets. His conflicts with Dorothy and his conflicts at school give a sort of battle armor that helps him and his friends build the perfect rockets.

Climax: Rocket Man by Elton John

This song symbolizes that after everything that has happened to the Rocket Boys, they pushed through and won the national science fair. I kind of had to put this song in because, you know, rockets, but it also symbolizes so much and is so valuable to the story. The song makes you sort of feel like time is passing faster and everything is peaceful. Homer and the Rocket Boys have reached their goal and are just basking in the glory and this elated feeling of having won.

Falling Action: Waves by Pinapple House

This song perfectly sums up the feeling of winning and winding down. Coalwood is just getting over the Rocket Boys and their victory, and Homer feels as if he has finally won over his father. Jim is gone, and the boys have to look for ways to get out of Coalwood. The loudness of the song gets you pumped up and ready for whatever happens next, which is just what the Rocket Boys are ready to do.

Resolution: Ramble On by Led Zepplin

The basic idea of this song is that you've faced that challenge and you need to move or ramble on. Homer has already faced his challenge, so know he's going on with his life and get out of Coalwood. He tells the reader about what happened after, and how he moved on. Sherman died, O'dell went into insurance and farming, Roy Lee got into banking, Billy and Quentin became engineers, and Homer went to work for NASA. They all got out of Coalwood and moved on, but they never stopped being Rocket Boys.