10 facts about 7th grade



The first day of school i came and new everyone from last year and it was fun.


i noticed it was harder than 6th grade and i had to step my game up.


My friend Hayden and me joined the Blanchard Basketball League and told everyone at school .


i started liking a girl , she was a straight A student and we dated and didnt work out but we dated for 2 weeks .


during the middle of the year i got my first D on my report card and i was ashamed of myself and i got in alot of trouble at home .


i had already liked a girl all year named Madison Hill and we dated for 1 month and i took her to the mardi gras ball and people tried to split us up and we decided not to date so we could could still be friends forever and we still are .


all of 7th grade is ready for the school year to end .


SURVIVOR DAY ! today is the day where we have fun and play all day 6th ,7th ,and 8th grade play all day this is like a field day on steroids .


now we wait patiently for the week to end .


Thursday is the last day of school once we make it through that day we are good to go for 2 and a half months !