Sponsor our EV project!

We need your help to win a national prize!

Northampton-East High is competing to create the best electric car

Our goal is to convert a gasoline-powered car into a battery-powered car. We are competing against other schools in the mid-atlantic region. When we complete this project, we will race the car in a final event at the Richmond International Raceway in Virginia. Our project will not only be judged on speed and distance, but also on design and oral presentation.

You and Your Company can help!

To complete this project, we need money, materials and expert assistance in engineering and technology. Other competitors are schools that are educational and technical centers, known for being among the best in the country, with excellent resources and corporate sponsorship. You can help our electric dreams come true by providing that support for us!

Other sponsors for the event include:

Thank You!

Any donation will help us reach our goal. No donation is too small. We have a car to convert, but we still need money, car parts, and even raw materials. We need tools and expertise on how to use them. We need all the help we can get.