Skeans Class News

Things are great in room 308!


Our Valentines/Friendship party will be Friday, Feb 12 from 12-1pm. Party specifics will be coming home very soon from our awesome room chair Val.

Valentines: We have 16 students in our class. Your child doesn't need to address their valentines, but they can do a great job of signing them. Signing a few a night will make this a more manageable task for them. Please let them do this themselves, they will love taking ownership of their own valentines! An ultra-fine Sharpie would be the perfect tool for this job!

Valentines boxes: This would be a great project for you and your child to do at home, together. Some guidelines for boxes: it should be be of a size that your child can manage on their own (very important if your child is a bus rider) and there needs to be an easy way to get the valentines *out* (I always suggest cutting an opening big enough for a ring pop!)

Sometimes things come up, so if you would prefer your child makes a valentines box at school let me know and we will have it ready for the party.

Snack Schedule

We made good use of the leftovers from our 100th day snack and used them for snack last week!

New snack calendar is here:

Mon Mrs. Skeans

Tues Autumn

Wed Brentley

Thu Molly

Engineering! Chemistry! Physics!

Families, one of my great passions when it comes to teaching is exploring science alongside your kids. As the Republic Science Department says, "the best way to learn science is to DO science." We have science that's part of our curriculum but I like to add in even more exploration just for the fun of it. And boy have we had fun in the past several weeks! We've grown crystals with hot water and epsom salts, we've taken apart old DVD players and VCRs, and most recently we've been putting the engineering process to work and learning physics by designing and building marble runs. I think your kids would agree that this is one of the best parts of our day. Enjoy these photos!

Have a great week!