By a "NON" today!!

What is this?

Tired of the same old same old? Want some spice in life? Well, have we got the product for you! "NON"!! "Non" can reverse things. It can turn gravity off in a room, it can turn a light on and off from a distance, it can make a chair stick to the ceiling! It's simple to use, and will never cease to amaze you! nominated by gameinformer as the coolest gadget of the century, it is truly an engineering marvel!

But, How does it work?

NON is very special. it uses an element known as "prefix" mixed with the mineral "reversus" . they are fused together and put through a secret process to create the alloy known as NON. it is then put into its patented watch-like console, where it is charged, coded, packaged, and ready for purchase. as apposed to most prefix based items that require long set ups, licences, and a lot of know-how, the NON is simple and fast, never dying on the user thanks to its special battery that lasts up to a thousand times more longer than competences.

The backstory

NON started off as a mysterious thing that was only found in government bases. it was discovered in 1989 when a New York chemist named Ulrich Nonchalant was experimenting with the two main elements, prefix and reversus. he founded our "secret process" on how to refine and tame this substance. for a time this was studied in secret and kept under tight raps. The government had tried to use it in spacecraft, aeronautics, even in medicine. around the year 2000 it was discovered how it could be used. he discovered that it could reverse certain things, such as orientation. after a long and tedious study he learned that it could actually toggle gravity, though only in a small space. he then designed the NON console, seen above, and set to work on how to make it easy and safe for public use.


the NON is very easy to use. it has a touchscreen interface, and simple controls. upon activating it, you will see a clock, displaying the time and date. swipe to the right, and you enter the gravity controls. you start by setting the radius, the max of which is a 500 by 200 rectangle. then, its as simple as pressing the on/off button. swipe right again, and you get a toggle button. there is a laser pointer on the console, just point and press the button. if what you hit has a on/off function, it will toggle. swipe right for the final time, and you get to the reverse button. simply point the laser at a target. then, set it to change the way its facing, choose from backwards, to the left, to the right, or upside down, and press the button. the target will change according to what you chose.
available in select stores only. please call 333-333-3333 for information on store locations or visit

must be 18 or older to order please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery.

WARNING! the company $co. is not responsible for any injury, loss of property and is not liable once the transaction for your NON console is complete.