2015 a year in review

by:Jesse Gomez

2015's top 3 most marketed companies

1. Apple is the one of the more marketed companies of 2015. With there television advertisements, showcasing there new apple iPhone 6s and apple watch, along with there new and improved software update ios 9 which includes new modernized apps and functions

2. Beats By DR.DRE Styleishly showed the bond between sports and music. Endorseing there product through tv advertisements, featureing stars like LeBron James, Draymond green, cesc fabregas and kevin garnett

3. McDonalds comes out with something "innovative" every month, and is going to make sure that there product shows up on your television screen every month. Absolutely nobody can go a day without hearing that classic slogan " im lovin it"

2015's two best products

Hover board originally released by Segway ,was one of the most sought after products of 2015. originally ranging from 500-1000 dollars. later as the hype for the product died down, we saw the hover board go for a more reasonable retail price like 60-300 dollars. But these "more affordable" hover boards were most likely knockoff at a kiosk at your local mall.

iPhone 6 apples brand new and improved cell phone has made billions world wide, featuring the same "innovative" stuff we see each year with apple. but in all seriousness the iPhone 6 features a new camera, a joint system for you to connect your apple watch(which is another 600 dollars), and various apps that the new soft ware has pre uploaded in my phone that literally know one uses.

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2015's top two movies

Star Wars: The Force Awakens grossing a whopping 1 billion dollars within the first day of the release. Star wars had a tremendous amount of hype leading into its release. with all types off endorsements and advertisements. like target commercials, products at the grocery stores with pictures of C3PO,R2D2,BB8, ETC. The hype for this movie was oc (out of control)

Jurassic world since its first appearance as "Jurassic park" in 1993, and having its last cameo in 2001. Jurassic world still grossed over $652,198,010 in the box office and sold over 77,920,909 tickets. The hype for Jurassic world was just oc as the force awakens. LEGO commercial's, and grocery store endorsements were just the same.

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2015's two best musical artists

Young Thug releasing a few mix tapes, with multiple bump worthy tracks on them.

young thug surely deserves to be a top 5 candidate. slime season, slime season 2, and multiple singles released in the last few months of 2015 alone. with rumors and confirmations of certain collabs coming on the way with other artists. young thug overall is just nice.

Selena Gomez releasing her breakout album "REVIVAL", Selena Gomez on this album alone has 7+ hit singles, and will be going on tour starting at the Verizon center this june.

Best Songs of 2015

  1. See You Again - Wiz Khalifa
  2. Hello - Adele
  3. Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
  4. Elastic Heart - Sia
  5. Gold - Imagine Dragons

new years resolutions

personal improvements I want too continue to improve my game on the court and the field.

family and friends im gonna attempt too see my dad more and also try and too keep old and new friends

school and outside world keep a above decent gpa so I can go to college. go to parties but continue staying out of trouble. stop missing mrs.Hendricks class