United States

By: Alisha Thompson

hispanic population

There are roughtly 54 million Hispanics living in the United States, repesenting about 17% of the U.S total populatiuon.

City with most Latinos

The city with th most latinos is Inglewood, California

States that used to be part of Mexico that are USA states now.

The states that use to be part of mexico but now USA states are California, Nevada, most of New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of Colorado Wyoming.

Hispanic typical food most often eaten in United States.

Churros, tortillas, Guacamole, Salsa , and Burrito.

5 interesting facts about United States

1. Just 2.5 million lived in U.S.A in 1776. Today it is 314 million

2. The original capital of the us was Philladelphia . Washington became capital in 1790.

3. The US has no official language

4. 32% of all the land in the us is owned by the federal government

5. Wyoming was the first place in the us to allow women to hold office and vote

Artists/celebrities in general with Hispanic roots