The causes and effects.

What are earthquakes?

Earthquakes are sudden movements in the earth which topple down houses, buildings, and even people! Earthquakes can also crack the ground and some times even cause tsunamis! Earthquakes are very unpredictable so it is hard to prepare for them; However,scientists can measure earthquakes with seismographs to find out the magnitude of an earthquake. Even though earthquakes aren't that common, they are still one of the most powerful natural disasters on earth!

What causes earthquakes?

Earthquakes happen when water moves through tectonic plates and pushes them. As the tectonic plates move around, some get stuck in the edges of other plates. as the plate tries to separate, it builds up force and releases the plates and cause seismic waves that shake around the area were the tectonic plate was released. This force is so strong it can sometimes break apart parts of a continent! The more force it builds up the bigger the earthquake is.

How much damage can an earthquake cause?

Earthquakes cause over 20,000 deaths each year! A curtain Earthquake that was very powerful was the 1960 Chile earthquake. It was so powerful that it hit Hawaii, the Philippines, and the west coast of the United States. This earthquake cost 550 million dollars in damage and 1,260 deaths in all. This was one of the greatest earthquakes ever recorded!

Where are earthquakes most common?

Earthquakes are most common in Alaska, California ,Hawaii ,Nevada ,Washington ,Idaho. These places get frequently hit with earthquakes because they are islands and or because they are close to the shore were the tectonic plates get stuck. Earthquakes are also common in places were tectonic plates are most likely to get stuck. Earthquakes aren't very common unlike other natural disasters so we don't usually here about hem on the news.

Earthquake safety tips.

Earthquakes are very powerful so it is important that you know how to protect yourself in case of an earthquake. One thing you could do is plan an escape route with your family so you know were to go. Another thing you could do is find a place that is not easily collapsible like a big safe or a sturdy basement. One thing you could also do to protect yourself is to hide under anything sturdy like a metal desk or table or, you could even protect yourself using any heavy object. One thing not do do in an earthquake is run, if you try to run you will fall because of the shaking ground.