Battle of the Somme

By Anthony Quinonez and Johnny Ramirez

Battle of the Somme July 1 1916- November 18, 1916 Somme, France

The battle of the Somme was a battle of the first world war between British empire and the French empire against the German empire.The battle started July 1 1916- November 18, 1916, the battle only lasted 4 months. On the first day of battle 60,000 casualties were lost, it was the bloodiest single day in British military history.
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General in charge of each side

Well known people who fought in the battle

Winner of the battle

On 1916, British commander in Chief Sir Douglas Haig calls a halt to his army's offensive near the Somme River in the northwestern France, ending the battle of the Somme after more then four months of bloody battle.

Number of troops on both sides

The British entered the battle with 3,000,000 troops on their side, France had 8,410,000 troop, and Germany had 11,000,000 troops.

Number of casualties on both sides

British lost 350,000

France lost 204,253

Germany lost 465,000

Map of the battle

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Technology used in the battle

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