Bills of Rights

Jahona Davis, American History 1st Block.

Bill of Rights

a formal statement of the fundamental rights of people of the United States, Constitution as Amendments 1–10, and in all state constitutions.
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Bill 1. freedom of speech, the press, and religion

  • you can follow any religion of your choice

Bill 2. the right to bear arms

  • to protect the country

Bill 3. the right to privacy in the home

  • soldiers can't barge in demanding to live in your house and eat your food

Bill 4.

  • Must have a search warrant
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Bill 5. double jeopardy, self-incrimination, and due process of law

  • to charge people

Bill 6. the rights of the accused in criminal cases

  • when you have done something bold, you can't sit in jail for years

Bill 7. the right to a jury trial

  • when a case is about you, you can;t bring it up

Bill 8. preventing cruel and unusual punishment

  • to pay a bill, for a fine

Bill 9.limiting federal powers

  • rights can't be taken away

Bill 10. limiting federal powers

  • federal government and state have equal power/rights
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