The sun

Created by Breanna Yeomans

Fun Facts

*The sun is the center of the solar system.

*The sun is 99.86% of the solar systems mass.

*The suns core is 1,360,0000 degrees.

*Light from the sun reaches the Earth in around 8 minutes.

*The is a G2V type star and a yellow dwarf star.

Elements that make up the sun

The main one Hydrogen which is 70%

The next largest one is Helium which is 28%

Then it's Carbon which is only a small percent of 1.5%

And last one which is the rest 0.5% is other (just random elements,etc.)

Classifying our sun

*The brightest stars were given a magnitude rating of 1, the least bright stars were given a magnitude rating of 6.

*It's I'd also a G2V star

*It is also a main sequence star