Let's Go to Timbuktu!

Maddi Fairbanks

Timbuktu is an ancient city in Mali, Africa known for its mystery.

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Why Go?

Timbuktu is the ideal place to learn about the spread of Islam culture in Africa.

The world’s best collection of ancient manuscripts

  • Containing Islamic teachings about mathematics, law, astronomy, and medicine
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This library is the oldest library in Mali, it was founded in the 16th century.

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National Ahmed Baba Center for Documentation and Research

  • Dedicated to preserving African history and manuscripts.
  • Perfect for anyone visiting with an interest in history.

“Visitors can go to seminars about subjects such as Arabic calligraphy, writing in African history and manuscript conservation.”

The Musée Municipal de Tombouctou

  • Is an museum that conserves Mali’s traditional items such as; weapons, clothing, jewels, and musical instruments.

Heinrich Barth Museum

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Mosque of Sankore

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Mosque of Sidi Yahia

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Mosque of Djingareyber

  • Built in 1327
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The Markets

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It is the center of the town's activities

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Camel Rides

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Festival au Désert

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  • This three day gala, also known as Festival au Désert, occurs every January in either Timbuktu or a city two hours north called Essakane

  • Traditional Tuareg dances and songs

  • Over 30 international artists from Africa and Europe

  • Takes place January 8th - January 10th

  • The Desert Festival Pass gives access to the many concerts, food services, and restrooms

Some might say this city is run down and old, but this remote city retains an echo of its formerly thriving lifestyle through its engaging mosques, markets, entertainment, and ancient manuscripts.


The word "Timbuktu" is used to refer to something far away and hard to get to, and Timbuktu used to be hard to get to.
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Plane Tickets

  • Love Field
  • $1,937
  • 2 stops
  • 31 hrs and 5 minutes

The best time to go is January

Unlike other cities

It's not loud

Timbuktu is perfect for a quiet relaxing get away for people who love learning about history

Let's Go!