The man that killed millions

Katelyn carrington,5

How it all started

Adolf Hitler,he was crude man. He was a man that rose to power from the bottom to the top. He was also the man with a few others that led the Beer-Hall Putsch. These events were important to the Holocaust. He started wanting to get rid of Jews because he thought that when Germany backed down from World War two he thought it was all the Jews fault. So when Hitler started rising to power, he made powerful speeches that persuaded German people that Jews need to disappear out of Germany. He built his control by starting a party that was against the Jews, and same as rising to power. He made speeches that were going against Jews living in Germany. The Beer-Hall Putsh, it was a march that Adolf Hitler and his party called Sturmabteilung led to demand a new government. When he got denied that the government decided he would be put in prison.

Conclusion on Adolf Hitler

Hitler was an evil man, so hopefully the world will never have to see a man like this come to power again.

Facts about Hitler's march and rise to power

  • he was a powerful public speaker

  • outlawed all parties except the Nazi parties

  • he started out in the army

  • then he fought against the treaty of Versaillesthen

  • he became a chairman of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP).

  • november 8,1923 him and the SA stormed a Beer-Hall Putsch demanding a new government

  • november 8,1923 him and the SA stormed a Beer-Hall Putsch demanding a new government

  • By November 1923, Hitler and his associates had concocted a plot to seize power of the Bavarian state government

  • November 8, 1923, Hitler took hundreds of his followers and surrounded the hall that evening. The

  • Nazi Party leader and about 20 of his associates burst into the the hall

  • With the assistance of party staff, Hitler drafted a party program consisting of twenty-five points.

  • He started a party that were against jews

  • then he became a leader of an army that was against jews

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