By: Remy

What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who takes a risk in starting a business to earn a profit. You have to have the desire to be your own boss and developing a good initial plan to have a good business.

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting, organizing, managing, and assuming the responsibility for a business. You have to do and have all these if you're gonna be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are more what?

Entrepreneurs are more persistent, inquisitive, energetic, goal oriented, independent, self-confident, creative, reliable, and competitive. That's a lot of things, but if you have most of those you could be a good entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs have what?

Entrepreneurs have good problem solving skills, tolerance for ambiguity, strong integrity, personal initiative, ability to secure resources, capability to learn from failure, and willingness to work hard. Those are all very good to have as an entrepreneur.

Some data on entrepreneurship and starting a business.

90% of entrepreneurs start-ups fail. That's 9 out of 10 start-ups. Here are 7 reasons why a business most likely fails. 1 is that the entrepreneur wants money before adding value. 2 is that the entrepreneur has a low business IQ, 3 is lack of focus. 4 is fear of failure. 5 is lack of vision. 6 is poor money management and 6 is that you think you can do well by yourself. Those are some good reasons why they fail. Starting a business is easy though if you follow and do some easy things .Here are 2 things that could help. 1 is that the product is perfect for the market. 2 is the entrepreneur does not ignore anything.