By Anthony Farine Pd.2


The theme of friendship is important in Frankenstein because it shows us how relationships deeply affect Victor and the creature and how everyone needs companionship.

Quotes about Friendship

"I, not in deed, but in effect, was the true murderer. Elizabeth read my anguish in my countenance, and kindly taking my hand, said, "My dearest friend, you must calm yourself. These events have affected me, God knows how deeply; but I am not so wretched as you are. There is an expression of despair, and sometimes of revenge, in your countenance that makes me tremble. Dear Victor, banish these dark passions. Remember the friends around you, who centre all their hopes in you. Have we lost the power of rendering you happy? Ah! While we love, while we are true to each other, here in this land of peace and beauty, your native country, we may reap every tranquil blessing--what can disturb our peace?"

In this quote, Victor expresses his anger and thirst for vengeance for the creature killing his friends and family.

"As I fixed my eyes on the child, I saw something glittering on his breast. I took it; it was a portrait of a most lovely woman. In spite of my malignity, it softened and attracted me. For a few moments I gazed with delight on her dark eyes, fringed by deep lashes, and her lovely lips; but presently my rage returned; I remembered that I was forever deprived of the delights that such beautiful creatures could bestow and that she whose resemblance I contemplated would, in regarding me, have changed that air of divine benignity to one expressive of disgust and afright"

In this quote, the creature is angry that he is seen as ugly and no one wants anything to do with him.

"Sometimes I allowed my thoughts, unchecked by reason, to ramble in the fields of Paradise, and dared to fancy amiable and lovely creatures sympathizing with my feelings and cheering my gloom; their angelic countenances breathed smiles of consolation. But it was all a dream; no Eve soothed my sorrows nor shared my thoughts; I was alone. I remembered Adam's supplication to his Creator. But where was mine? He had abandoned me, and in the bitterness of my heart I cursed him."

In this quote the creature is longing for a partner or a companion. He is also cursing Victor for abandoning him.

" Let him live with me in the interchange of kindness, and instead of injury I would bestow every benefit upon him with tears of gratitude at his acceptance. But that cannot be; the human senses are insurmountable barriers to our union. Yet mine shall not be the submission of abject slavery. I will revenge my injuries; if I cannot inspire love..."

In this quote, the creature wants to be accepted by Victor and is angry that he is not.

"I was dependent on none and related to none. The path of my departure was free, and there was none to lament my annihilation. My person was hideous and my stature gigantic. What did this mean? Who was I? What was I? Whence did I come? What was my destination? These questions continually recurred, but I was unable to solve them."

In this quote the creature is talking about how he is hideous and there is no one else like him.

"No one can conceive the anguish I suffered during the remainder of the night, which I spent, cold and wet, in the open air. But I did not feel the inconvenience of the weather; my imagination was busy in scenes of evil and despair." (pg. 74) Here Victor is walking alone in the woods and is lonely and is in despair.

"Melancholy followed, but by degrees I gained a clear conception of my miseries and situation and was then released from my prison. For they had called me mad, and during many months, as I understood, a solitary cell had been my habituation." (pg. 189)

Victor is going insane and tells people about the creature. He again feels alone and in solitary.

Modern Connections

In today's world the biggest example of lack of companionship and isolation is social media. According to the Atlantic, research suggests that social media is making people lonelier and causing them to become mentally and physically ill. People are engaging less in face to face conversation and are constantly using social media to communicate. In the last three months of 2011, users generated an average of 2.7 billion “likes” and comments every day. Research shows people sit waiting for a response on Facebook feeling lonely. In 1950, less than 10 percent of American households contained only one person. By 2010, nearly 27 percent of households had just one person. This connects to the book because the creature is always alone, waiting for a companion.
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein clip

This video shows the creature killing Victor's wife, as revenge for his lonliness and causing Victor to lose another loved one.