Guyanese man in US jail

'Carry-on' with cocaine leads Guyanese man in US jail

Broderick Layne was caught at the John F. Kennedy International Airport with 3 pounds of cocaine hidden in a fake bottom of a carry-on bag. He had said he packed his entire luggage by himself and knew of all the contents in the bag. There was no other illegal paraphernalia in the other bags. He had been arrested and is now an inmate of the Brooklyn Metro Detention Centre. In the past 4 months, 3 other people were caught smuggling drugs into the US from Guyana.
About every month since August, someone from Guyana has been caught at the same airport with drugs on them. This is proof that the problem isn’t decreasing any. This should be made more aware so that people can start lowering the problem of drugs being brought into America from Guyana. This could cause several problems for others in the future, making them more prone to addiction. This is showing that Guyana hasn’t kept much watch over the people leaving their country and entering another.