Colony Safran

Where Everyone Looks out for each Other

Our Colony

Colony x is the greatest colony San Antonio has ever seen! Our colony is a area where everyone works hard to help each other and the colony. Good morals is a virtue that everyone embraces. You'll never go hungry in our colony because we have an abundance of food and water sources. Also, farming is a common skill throughout the colony that you could easily learn from others.

They are really friendly Native Americans around. You can learn about their culture and get help adapting to the land from them.

This colony has never had any disasters; the weather is beautiful - especially for farming. There is no such droughts or floods to ruin crops. Also, the colony is very healthy. No has yet died of a disease or has died of murder.


Colonization Laws:

  • Good moral characters
  • No slaves--everyone works for there own or provides pay for those who do work for them
  • Roman Catholic
  • Everyone must have a skill that will contribute to the development or the productivity of the colony. (esp. blacksmith, preach, medical, farm)