By: Lillian Porter

All About Islam

The followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe in Allah, the God of Islam. They also believe in monotheism which means that they only believe in one God. The sacred place that is VERY important to the religion Islam is the Al-Aqsa Mosque that is located in Jerusalem Israel. The holy book, or their sacred text,is called the Koran. The Muslims worship inside the Mosque, their chosen place to worship. Their spiritual leader is called an Imam. Most holidays that the Muslims celebrate are as follows, Ramadan, which means that you can't eat nor drink for an entire month! And Eid al Fitr, which means the end of the month of fasting (not eating or drinking). They also exchange gifts with their family. Muslims believe in six major beliefs, the belief in one God, belief in the angels, belief in the holy books, belief in the day of judgement, belief in the divine decree, and the belief in all of the profits. The common figure shared between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is the God of Abraham. Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammed.

Figures & View of God

Each religion (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) believes in the same common figure, the God of Abraham. And each religion believes in monotheism, which means that they only believe in ONE God.