Comparison of World Religions

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  • The Islamic religion started by the belief that God revealed the Islamic teachings to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel
  • Muhammad Started The Islamic Religion
  • Monotheistic
  • Their God is Allah
  • The Islamic people believe that there is only allowed to be ONE God, Muslims believe in all prophets of Judism and Christianity
  • The Islamic tradition originated in in the Middle East in the 7th century C.E
  • Muhammad introduced the Islamic Tradition in 610 A.D. after experiencing a visitation from the angel Gabriel

Hodja ana the Fur Coat

One day the Hodja was invited to a grand wedding where lavish food was being served. Having arrived in his old shabby robe nobody seemed to take any notice of him. This annoyed him! He slipped out of the party and went straight home. He put his best robe and fur coat and returned to the party.

From the entrance on he was overwhelmed with compliments, given the best seat at the table and urged to partake of the choicest food. Smiling, he began to dip the sleeve of his fur coat into each bowl that was brought to the table.

“Help yourself, my fur coat, eat !”, said the Hodja.

The host and the guests could not figure out this strange behavior by Hodja.

“What are you doing, Hodja?”, cried the host and some of the guests in alarm.

“Why? I was just inviting my fur coat to partake of these delicacies, since it seems to command so much respect! Some moments ago, without my fur coat, I wasn’t even noticed. Because of it, I am now being overwhelmed with attention!”

The lesson of the story is that it is not right to treat others differently because of their clothing, to treat everyone the same no matter what the circumstance is.

How Islamic Beliefs Were Spread

The Islamic Beliefs spread very rapidly during the reigns of the first four caliphs (632-661), also the Islamic state expanded very rapidly after the death of Muhammad.

Islams Holy Book

The Qur'an (Koran) is Islam's holy book, which Muslims believe was revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad over a period 23 years
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Who are concidered "Holy" in Islam ?

No one Is Holy In Islam, Allah sees everyone equal in his eyes.