The Timberwolf Times

April 10th Edition

"B" Week

PLCs - no PLCs this week, If your choose to meet, turn it your agenda minutes.

LST - none this week due to testing

Jeans week due to testing.

PD on Tuesday

Subs were rearranged to make sure all subs had a lunch.

WIDMAN ---------Fischer (AM) - Robb (PM)

HIBBARD ---------Perry (AM) - Schultz (PM)

HILL ----------------Schmitz (AM) - Adrians (PM)

KARL ---------------Peters (AM)

CORNELL ---------Raboin (PM)

LOADER -----------Vanduser (AM) - Nelson (PM)

WASKAWIC -------Kellett (AM) - Enders (PM)

Agenda and materials will be sent via email in Google Drive. Please bring laptops to PD.

State Tornado Drill - Thursday

Please review tornado drill routines with your students before Thursday. We will have a mock drill at 1:45 conducted by the state.

PLD Focus

April PLD -Trauma sensitive schools and working on EP

May PLD - Zones of Regulation.

Calendar of Events - new items in bold

4/11 - grades 3rd-5th Forward Exam 8:30-11:00 - Math Test

4/12 - NO FORWARD EXAM - PLD for staff (agenda to come)

PTO 6:30 in the cafeteria

4/13 - grades 3rd-5th Forward Exam 8:30-11:00 - Math Test

Goal Team mtg in library, 3:20

4/14 - grades 3rd-5th Forward Exam 8:30-11:00 - Make-up Test

Admin Meeting in the morning

5th grade Fire Prevention program

4/15 - 4th grade Forward Exam 8:30-10:00 - Science Test

Lit coach out in the morning


CIT 11:00-12:00 for participating staff

4/18 - 4th grade Forward Exam 8:30-10:00 - Science Test

Spring Instrumental Music Concert for students, 2:25 in the gym

Spring Instrumental Music Concert 6:30pm

4/19 - 4th grade Forward Exam 8:30-10:00 - Social Studies Test

Friday schedule

4/20 - 4th grade Forward Exam 8:30-10:00 - Social Studies Test

4/21 - Prin meeting in morning

PBIS mtg, 3:20 in library

4/22 - No school for students

PLD for staff

4/25 - 4th and 5th grade, state representative visit at Taft

4/26 - Staff mtg, library 3:20

4/28 - Elem. Prin mtg, morning

CIA mtg 1:00-2:00 Hrib out

4/29 - LST

This Week on Duty - Thank you for keeping our Timberwolves safe

AM Duties

  • AM playground - Kohls, Payne, Bushman, King
  • AM 4K - Ferkel

PM Duties

  • PM 4k- Ferkel
  • Bus riders/lot - Kohls
  • Bike rack, Claire side - Bushman
  • Bike rack, Western side - Pritzl/Flemming
  • Crosswalk Clair - Bissing
  • Crosswalk Western - Bonikowske
  • Crosswalk Western/Geiger -
  • Hallways - King (back hall), Payne (front hall)
  • Sidewalk (Western side) - Brookins -M/T/W; Mast -W/F
  • Sidewalk (Claire side) - Paiser-Wilson -M; Mielke -T/R; Marzahl -W

Taft Mission

Our mission is to support Taft families in their journey toward academic, social, and emotional success within a safe environment. As a team, we will guide, support, and provide direction to empower one another to become lifelong learners and respectful members of a community.