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February, 2016

Connect with your Coach--and get a bonus resource!

This month, your coaches are making a special effort to contact you, Coordinators! So, respond to that text, answer that phone call, or return that email! She has a special resource for you and your team to benefit from, but she needs to connect with you.

Your coach is there to assist and encourage you. She can help if your group is experiencing difficulty, or if you just have a question or two. She also wants to hear what's going well for your group. It warms her heart to hear those success stories.

Get in touch with your coach today--or be watching for her attempts to contact you!

Leadership Succession

As you look toward the next MOPS year, and to who will be leading the group at that time, there are many tried and true ways to proceed. Your leadership team should start by praying for new leaders. Ask to be shown who is ready to come on board and in what capacity. The leadership teams that I have been a part of have been Holy Spirit led, starting with prayer. The next step is to come up with a selection committee. We've always done the Discussion Group Leader, a mentor, a church liaison (in our case it was the pastor's wife), and what we've always called a "seasoned MOPS mom"--someone who has served as a leader and understands the ministry. The current leaders give their recommendations to the committee for decisions. The coordinator then approaches the candidate and asks them to consider the role.

Something I have to always remind myself of is to not say no for someone--I think we can look at someone and say, they have a baby due, so many little kids, work, hubby travels, etc., etc. and decide for them that they will say no. If God gives you their name, give them the opportunity to obey what He's asking of them. They don't always say yes, but by giving God control over who serves, you can't go wrong.

And, when your team is thinking of ladies, consider occasionally striking up some conversations to see where women are spiritually, or if they seem to have giftings in certain areas. Never announce your intentions, just try to get to know them. It's good -- just for the general well-being of your group, and it also helps to shed light on who some potential leaders are. And, I would add, that if someone seems on the brink of being ready, but you have hesitations, find ways of bringing them around and getting involved so you can get to know them better. Ask them to meet you early to help set up, join your creative activities girl on a shopping trip or to help prepare supplies, or work with another leader on a small task or project. Ask them their opinion on how their discussion group is going. It's a toe in the water situation to see if you think they're ready for leadership.

So, keep praying for eyes to see and wisdom to recognize those potential leaders, form a selection committee who will consider your recommendations, and proceed from there, approaching those who seem like a good fit, and quietly challenging and equipping those about whom you may still have some reservations.

~~by Kristie Ritter, Area 23 Ministry Coach

Finishing the MOPS year Strong

It's February. Hopefully you're already thinking about bringing on new leaders to the team. But before you hand off that baton, remember, you still have a couple months of MOPS left before summer. How can you keep next year in mind, but still finish this year strong? Here are some tips:

  • Take a new, refreshing look at the mission statement and purpose of the MOPS ministry.

  • Remember your goals. Did you write out a vision statement or set some specific, tangible goals at the beginning of this year? Go back and revisit them and assess where you are in meeting them. Taking another look at your goals and vision will help you remember why you're leading MOPS, and should energize you for the remainder of this year.

  • Consider switching leadership roles for one meeting. Taking a look at the ministry from a fresh perspective should be both enlightening and interesting.

  • Keep praying for the moms in your group. By now you know them better, and have formed friendships. Now you know some of their struggles, too. Pray.

  • Ask your mentors, pastors, and womens' ministry leaders to come together for a special time of prayer for your leadership team. Have them pray for you to keep your focus, your stamina, and your desire to reach the moms God is bringing to your group.

  • Take time together as a leadership team for a mid-year retreat. Even if it's just a couple hours. Just spend quality time together, looking back on the beginning of the year and encouraging yourselves with what was done well, and looking forward to the rest of the year, considering what improvements need to be made.

  • Keep flourishing until the end. Use up the whole theme. Start thinking about next year but don't get so invested in it so early that you can't finish out this year well. There is still so much to celebrate, embrace and notice!

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Come Alive! at a Spring Leadership Training Event Near You

May 14th in the following locations:

Covington Baptist Church * Covington, PA
Mongul United Brethern Church * Shippensburg, PA

North Main Street Church of God * Butler, PA

June 11th:
Jarrettown United Methodist Church * Dresher, PA

Times and more details coming soon!

MOPS Area 23 Volunteer Staff

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