Second Grade News

November 2019

Fall Into 2nd Grade

We are working hard as 2nd graders to learn our school and classroom routines. Students are working hard as they learn to work independently during their school day as well as learning to work with small groups of students. We are busy learning and growing in second grade!

Important Events

November 7: Quarter 1 ends

November 8: School Closed

November 19: Report cards go home

November 27-29: Schools Closed for Thanksgiving Break

Our 2nd Grade Team

We are committed to helping every child succeed in their learning journey!

Mrs. Neely, Miss Folden, Ms. Flickinger, Miss Bainbridge

Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Shanholtz

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What Are We Learning?


We are finishing up Unit 3 (Time and Money). Students practiced telling time to nearest hour and half hour and learned to apply a.m. and p.m. They also learned to identify pennies, nickels, dimes and use skip-counting strategies to count coins. You can show them a mixed group of coins, which includes nickels, dimes and pennies and have them tell you how much money it is. Make sure when counting the coins they switch from 10’s, then 5’s, then 1’s. If they are having trouble, count with them.

In Unit 4 (Place Value Strategies), we will be building and representing numbers up to 1,000. Your child will be expected to be able to explain three-digit numbers using hundreds, tens, and ones. They will be expected to know that 10 tens bundled is 100. The expectation will be to read and write numbers to 1,000. You could give your child a number (0-999) and have your child tell you what number it would be if they did 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, or 100 less. This is a mental math strategy that 2nd graders should be able to do.


In Quarter 1, we have been reading informational or non-fiction texts and learning how text features help us to understand different kinds of information about a topic. In Quarter 2, we will be reading literary or fiction texts and identifying story elements (characters, setting, problem, and solution). We will practice retelling the story elements to learn more about characters and traits they show.

We encourage your child to practice reading daily for 15 minutes and engage in conversations about books!


In Quarter 1, your child reviewed concept of a sentence(capital letter at the beginning, spaces, and punctuation). We practiced writing complete sentences to tell a complete thought with a naming part and telling part. Example: The kids are playing soccer at the park.

Currently, we are learning about Informative Writing. Your child will learn how to introduce a topic, use facts to develop points, and provide a concluding statement. In order to help your child’s informational writing, have your child write a factual paragraph about a topic of your child’s choosing. You may need to go to the library to find books on the topic. Help your child restate the facts into their own words.

Parent Teacher Conferences

We would like to thank all families for coming to Parent Teacher Conferences to discuss how your child is progressing in 2nd grade! Please let your child's teacher know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much!

The 2nd Grade Team