the 3 colones

by:: cody

The new England colones

In the new England colones they were farther northern then the other colonies so they had longer clod winters then the other colonies. There soil was full of large rocks it was difficult for them to find good farming pales for them to plant crops. they also made many trees so they would use that for lumber to make house they also made ships to fish and some times trad with other people. there were many people that worked hard for they believed that they would be reward from god. they would build meeting house and all men could vote

middle colonies

middle colonies had a much better sold then the new England colonies had. There were people from Netherland, Germany, Sweden, France, and Scotland. There were many small framing they would make crops and other things like that to new York and Philadelphia. they grow as trading centers

southern colonies

it was the warmest of the 3 colonies and had the richest soil too.The land was flat and they could grow crops all year long Tabasco and rice were the richest things and could make lots of money selling them