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Understanding the Constitution: The Bill of Rights

The Constitution

In May of 1787, delegates from original colonies gathered in Pennsylvania to create what is now known as the Constitution of the United States of America. One of the biggest questions in creating the new constitution was how much power to give to the federal government and how much to give to the states. Another important issue was how to ensure equal representation for each state.

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How the Bill of Rights was created:

The meeting's original purpose was to revise the former governing document, the Articles of Confederation. Although many states agreed with the new Constitution, some states demanded an addition to the Constitution that would ensure civil rights and liberties. These people wanted a bill of rights to make certain they would not undergo the tyranny they faced under the British regime.

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The Bill of Rights is ten amendments to the original constitution insuring civil rights and liberties to the people of the United States. Watch the video embedded below to see the 10 amendments.

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