Questicon is one of the most fun places to visit in Canberra. It has many attractions like the vertical slide, cross hockey, art machine, vibrating pin screen and many more. All the attractions are awesome. It's a chance to have fun while you earn about science. The attractions are mesmerising when you first see them. But it turns out all of the attractions are made from using science. Everyone thinks that the best attraction is the vertical slide and I agree. If you ever have the chance to go to question then go because it will be the time of your life.

Questacon attractions

Gift Shop

The gift shop has many mesmerising things to buy like toys or gifts for others (or yourself). Nearly everything you can buy in the gift shop is made from using science. Everything you can buy is amazing and you will want to buy it all. If you do have enough money for something BUY IT because you will love it.