Norse Mythology

Background Information

Norway is located in Scandinavia next to Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Norway has one of the strongest economy in Europe, and one of the highest standards of living in the world. Norway's capital is Oslo and it has 19 fylker.

Norse Mythology

Today I will be teaching you about the Norse gods and their myths. The vikings of Norway adopted this religion, and they believed they are what helped them explore and conquer most of Northern Europe and beyond.

Norse Gods

The Creation Of The Cosmos


Before everything, there was fire, ice, and a gaping abyss. The fire melted the ice and that formed Ymir, the first godlike giant. The ice continued to melt and gods emerged from it. These gods had children, and one of them was Odin. Odin and his siblings slew Ymir and made the world with his corpse.


The Doom of The Gods

Ragnarok is when the universe is destroyed by Loki and his minions. Loki and his son, the great wolf Fenrir, were chained up by the gods who wanted to protect the nine realms. Loki and his son escaped chains, and wreaked havoc on Earth. Fenrir swallowed everything in his path, even the Sun. Surt, a giant with a flaming sword, set everything on fire. The gods fought back against Loki and his minions, and eventually Loki fell, but at the cost of many gods.