Winning Track and Field for Girls

By: Ed Housewright

What is Track and Field?

What is track and field really? Track is athletic events that take place on a running track and a nearby field; both track events and field events are included in this sport. It is said that people who do track get in better shape and improve their endurance by a lot with also having the satisfactorty of losing weight. Also athletes need to condition and train to reach their full potential of speed without getting injured. When an athetes body hurts from practicing it tells the body in its own way that the athlete is lacking balance, nutrition, flexibility and power.

What to wear.

For track conditioning and training most athletes would wear running or athletic shorts with any loose shirt.

Shoes are very important in track. Athletes usually get spiked shoes at a varsity level of track, but at a modified level it is forbidden to have spikes on your sneakers. Higher level of track athletes get spikes on their shoes because it gives off more attraction to the track. The spikes are located at the front part of your foot and not the heel. Some spikes are able to be unscrewed and replaced with different size spikes or can just be taken off without adding any spikes onto the shoe. When picking out running shoes you should be looking for lightweight, and that provide comfort to your feet. It is very important to pick out the right shoes because it could cause your foot to get blisters or for it to be bruised or sore.

How to train for Track season

Why do track?

People who do track have a fun time and it helps improve themselves. By doing track you are constantly moving or doing some kind of physical activity which helps you lose weight. Everyone's heard of practice makes perfect, so by always practicing your field or running events you are slowly progressing and becoming a better athlete. If by practicing you are getting better then it will eventually build up ones endurance, flexibilty, and speed. So by doing track not only are you loosing weight, improving your skills, your are also having fun and enjoying a sport.

Who can do Track?

Anyone is open to do track. Like many sports this is a sport both boys and girls can do. Many people are able to do this sport because unlike other sports only a certain amount of players can be allowed on the field, court, or rink at a time, but in track many people can be competing at once.


By: Lilly Perkett

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