Killer Whales

Also know as the Orca

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Scientific Name: Orcinus orca

Class: Mammalia

Habitat: Ocean


Killer Whales have black and white coloring. Their lower stomach area and around their eyes are colored white, while their upper area and all fins are black. Although some different types of Killer Whales may have slightly different coloring.

A whales dorsal fin is like a human's fingerprint. No two are the same.


  • Killer Whales are schooling animals which means that they like to stick together in groups. These particular whales stay in groups of 20-75.
  • These whales uses a series of clicks and pulse calls to communicate.
  • Killer Whales are one of the most intelligent animals on Earth.

Human Interaction


In the past people have used whales goods for many different uses. These whales have also been taken from the wild to be put into captivity. Poachers go for the baby whales and attempt to separate them from their mothers. They then pull the baby whales onto the boat and if they do not survive the poachers would cut open their stomachs and fill them with rocks to sink them to the bottom on the ocean. Mother whales would stay with the stolen children and around the boats and "cry" for hours at a time.

Whales in Captivity

Many whales in captivity can be seen with these dorsal fin bent over. This has only ever been seen by whales who have been in captivity for a few years. This trait has never been found in the wild. There have been many cases of human death due to these Killer Whales in captivity but there has never been any deaths to Killer Whales in the wild.



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