Leigha Stanley

Duites of Hades

  • -Hades is best known for being the ruler of the underworld and ruler of the dead

  • -Hades is the supervisor of the dead assigned to his realm. Even though he is the God of the dead he should not be cofused with death itself

Symbols of Hades

  • color- Black

  • Animal- A three headed dog with the tail of a serphant, the claws of a lion and the mane of a snake

  • Food- The pomagranted

Family tree

  • Wife- Persephone
  • Parents- Cronus (father) Rhea (mother)
  • Siblings- Hesita (sister), Hera (sister), Poseidan (brother), Demeter (sister), Zeus (brother)
  • Neices/Nephews- Ares, Hebe, Hephaestus, Persephone

Personality and where he made his home

  • Hades has a very morbid personality and Hades enjoyed being feared by people

Where the home was made

  • Hades of corse made his home in the underworld were him and his wife Persephone lived

Intresting facts

  • Hades is the oldest son
  • He is the is the most feared God
  • Hades isnt known only for being God of the underworld but he can also be referred to as the God of wealth or pluto meaning the giver of wealth
  • He has a set of tools including an ebony throne, a bird-deorated scepter, and a helmet that gives him the ablity to be invisable
  • Hades has a Ferrymane named charon who brings the souls of the dead from earth to the underworld