summer reading project

Sherlock holmes: death cloud


  1. Sherlock Holmes goes to the deepdene. But since his father is sent away with the army and his mother is sick, he is forced to Live with his aunt and uncle for awhile.

Rising Action

1. Sherlcok is sent to live with his aunt and uncle

2. Sherlock met a friend named Matty Arnatt.

3. While spying on some mysterious people, sherlock gets trapped in a burning building

4. Sherlock met his new tutor, Amyus Crowe

5. while running around with Amyus, sherlock and him find a dead body with a smoke cloud around it

6. sherlock decides to investigate, and learns that the powder was pollen and the smoke was actually bees.

7. sherlock meets crowes daughter, Virginia.

8. Sherlock recives a fake letter from The baron and his goons telling him to come to the fair.
9. sherlock goes but gets kidnapped.

10. sherlock is interrigated, but gets away

11. sherlock is taken to london by Crowe.


1. The climax is when sherlock is interrogated again by the baron and crew. But while interrogated he figures out the whole plan.

Falling action

1. Virginia and Sherlock escape the baron

2. they find out that the baron is really a "puppet"

3. sherlock goes back to a nice normal life


the resolution and denoument happen in the other 4 books.


The main conflict is that their are 2 dead body's and mysterious yellow powder and a sentient cloud of smoke. Most people are freaking out, thinking its a plague, but Sherlock thinks otherwise.