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Google Classroom Tips

Google Spreadsheets for Class Discussions

Sometimes, when multiple people collaborate on a shared Google document, it can get a little messy. To help with this, use a Google Spreadsheet instead. Create a spreadsheet and assign each sheet to a different student or group of students. Direct the students to add content on their sheet while also reading and commenting on other student sheets. Share the spreadsheet through Google Classroom with editing rights and you have a cleaner class discussion.

Click Open to View Assignment

Keep in mind, when using Google Classroom, that if you “make a copy for each student” the assignment will not show up in the student stream. They must click on “Open” to see the file.

Amazing Learning Opportunities

Online Classes for Second Semester

Upcoming courses for online CCU's will be Teach Like A Pirate 101, Mastering the Mac, and Social Media in the Classroom 201. Check out the course descriptions here. Sign up ASAP to get yourself enrolled and start learning! We've been using to run the online courses and people really seem to like the new platform!

MOOC-ED Free PD Chosen by You

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses for Education. We like the Friday Institute offerings, but you can find MOOC's online from a variety of hosts. MOOC's are a great way to continue your own professional growth at your own pace. MOOC's will have a start time and an end time and it is up to you to complete the readings, online discussions, and assignments. Most courses offer a certificate that you can present for CCU's. MOOC's also offer interesting topics that you might not otherwise find online. Take your PD into your own hands with MOOC-ED.

#tt4t Twitter Posts and Shout Outs

New Teachers on Twitter and Seasoned Teachers Getting Recognition

Dan Parkison

Congratulations to Dan Parkison, Bellevue West High School computer science teacher for being awarded $1000 from the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). He plans to continue to lead STEM technology and use the money to buy a 3D printer.

Jan Elliott

Congratulations to Jan Elliott, Bellevue West physics teacher, who is the recipient of the California Casualty Award for Teaching Excellence, She will be honored at the NEA Foundation's’ Salute to Excellence in Education Gala in Washington, D. C, on February 13. Congratulations, Jan!

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Appy Time!!

Toontastic is now free for short time. Download it from the iTunes Store while it is free.

TeleStory is also currently free. Both of these apps are great tools for digital storytelling. These apps are geared for kids, but can be used in every grade level. So, even if you are not sure if you have a use for it, go ahead, download it and check it out!

Mastering Your Mac Tips & Tricks

Use Preview to annotate on top of PDF's. Simply download a pdf and open in Preview. Then use the "tools" button to find tools that draw shapes, arrows, or add in text boxes to your PDF.

To zoom into content on your Mac use shift, command 8. If this doesn't work check your system preferences in accessibility to make sure "use keyboard shortcuts" is checked.

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Meet the #tt4t Technology Team

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District Technology Trainers

Jeanette Carlson

Twitter: @mrsjcarlson

Ann Feldmann

Twitter: @annfeldmann1

Jennifer Krzystowczy

Twitter: @jennykbps

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