WEEK 5, JULY 16 - 20


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Week 5

We are half way through our summer semester! I will be communicating with all parents about student progress in our Spanish 3 this week. Just a reminder that students are expected to login each day, Monday-Friday and work at least 2 hours each day, 10-15 hours a week. This week we are working on Unit 5, La Tecnología. Below is a list of what is due by this Friday, July 20.
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Required Live Classes for Units 4/5

Students have 2 opportunities to attend an RLC for Units 4/5 this week.
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Students needing help....

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your student in our class. It is very important that students stay on pace with the class and be successful in their assignments. I can give one-on-one tutoring on the phone or in the RLC classroom if needed. As always, if your student has questions, please tell your student to contact me for help or to answer any questions he/she may have. I text/email students at least 2 times a week in order to have the lines of communication open with students.

After this week, we only have 3 weeks left in our class!

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How are grades calculated?

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Culture Cafe sessions

One of the assignments students must complete for our course is to attend one Culture Cafe session. The session can be about any country. It does not have to be about a Spanish speaking country. Students have 1 opportunity to attend a Culture Cafe this week. Encourage your student to attend!
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Peer Tutor Center

If/when a student needs additional help, he/she should first ask me, the teacher. If I'm not available and it's a quick question, he/should should take advantage of the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center. If more serious content tutoring/remediation is needed, the student/s can request one-on-one tutoring with me and/or a peer tutor. If a student is weary, nervous, and/or conscientious about taking the class online, he/she can request a Virtual Buddy from the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center for moral support, technical assistance, and more. ***Please note that a Virtual Buddy does not help with content area. Watch the video below for more info about a Virtual Buddy in our class.
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Keys to Students' Success

  • completing all assignments (*well and on time*) (using the Schedule of Assignments), reading the announcements daily, checking/reading messages daily
  • going through the direct instruction and practice as slow as needed to understand the material
  • taking/studying notes, reviewing the grades/feedback for all assignments to see what was missed and why
  • attending the required live classes
  • asking questions when something doesn't make sense and/or more explanation/practice is needed
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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre