Drilling for Oil

Should we Drill for Oil in Alaska?

Can the Oil industry And the Fishing industry Coexist?

-Yes, Exxon-Mobile thinks that they can! They went around to fishing spots and asked local fishermen if they think the Oil industry And the Fishing industry can coexist.

-I also think so! My name is Caroline Gillen and i am a fisherman working for the Oil Industry.

-I believe they can coexist as long as you give fishermen their area of the water, they shouldn't have a reason to be upset about it.

-Plus, there are good things that can come out of this like Increased emergency response resources in the area including response to vessels in distress and also Increased emergency response presence in the case of pollution associated with other industries.

-Drilling in Alaska can bring hundreds of jobs for people, and more money for the state.

-So i think good things can come out of this also!

By:Caroline Gillen ---------Click on the link at the bottom to read more about Exxon-mobile and what they think about coexisting!!!!