Mrs. Rankow's First Grade News

Week 10/3-10/7

What we are learning this week...

Science.: We are learning buoyancy, reviewing matter (solids, liquids, and gases), and propertites of matter.

ELA: We are learning about context clues, making similarities and connections between pictures, steps to informative writing, and reviewing commas.

Grammar: We will be learning about plural nouns.

Math: We will learn how to use different strategies to complete subtraction problems.

Grades and Assessments for this week...

Science:Assessment on properties of matter on 10/7.

ELA/Grammar: Spelling test, sight word test, gramar test (plural nouns) test, and reading assessment will be on 10/7.

Math: Quick Check 1-6 on 10/3, Quick Check 2-7 on 10/4, Quick Check 2-8 on 10/5, Quick Check 2-9 on 10/6, Quick Check 2-10 on 10/7.

Spelling and Sight Words

Spelling: run, fun, nut, cut, bug, rug, head, men, could, one.

Sight: could, live, one, then, three, we, are, me.


  • No School on October 12th and October 17th.
  • October Monthly Newsletter and October HW and Spelling Menu will be going home in Monday's blue homework folder.

50+ Book Challenge: Reading Log

I will be checking and tracking reading logs on Monday, 10/3. Please be sure your child's reading log is in their aganda binder for quick access. I will check logs in the morning while students are writing their weekly spelling and sight words down in their agendas.

Note: If you are utilizing storia as an online resource for books please remember to log them on the reading log. I will only be tracking books for book challenge based on the logs.

Core5 and Mathletics

Students should be logging in to Core5 and Mathletics every night as part of their homework. The expecation is that students complete 30 minutes of core5 per week and 30 minutes of Mathletics per week.


Go to

Log in as a student, enter login cerendtials. (there login credentials are on a white index card and were sent home in F.F. a few weeks back).

Click on Core5 or Mathletics

Friday Folders

As Friday Folders go home, please sign for your child's work that you take out. If your child leaves school early or is absent on Friday, the F.F. will go home the following Monday.