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Reading Classroom for grades 6,7,and 8

Week in Review 3/2 - 3/6 *6th Grade*

We're finishing up our survival theme book unit with some creative problem solving. If you were writing a book and your protagonist only had 4 forks, a pocketknife, six yards of string, a tennis racket and a toaster (remember no electricity!), how could he/she use those things to survive? My students can figure something out!

We've been using the COW cart a lot lately. A big round of applause to Ms. Uppena for seeing a need for accessible technology and solving the problem!!!! If any of you win a billion dollars in the lottery, we would like our own classroom COW cart! If you don't know what a COW cart is, you need to stop by our library. :)

Week in Review 3/2-3/6 *7th Grade*

Metacognition is still central in our lessons on reading with expression. Thinking about how we think while we read leads to more focused reading. For seventh grade readers, it isn't a given that they will slow down enough to think if they did the best reading job they're capable of, so my goal has been to force them to do that. Hopefully after several lessons of talking about how to read a certain type of writing, they will do that piece of metacognition from time to time on their own. The Badger Exam is on the horizon for early April and I want our focus to be laser-like so our scores reflect our abilities.

Lots of new books came into my classroom and Reading Roost this week. Ask your favorite 7th grader(s) if anything caught their eye.

Mark Your Calendars

Mar. 13 - Journals due from the 7th graders.
Mar. 13 - Geoff Herbach, an author with roots in Platteville, will be at school all day!

Featured Reader - Morgan Cooley

I like fiction. Realistic fiction is my favorite. I recommend The Meaning of Maggie. Maggie's dad has a condition where his legs don't work. Maggie says they're asleep. Her sister is younger. They have a couple of family members who come to their house to be married. Her dad fell and got put in the hospital while the family was still there. Readers who like challenged characters will like this book.

I'm a slow reader but not a super-slow reader. My speed lets me comprehend books faster than some fast readers. I like books that are around 300 pages. I read only a little or when I have to. (Mrs. Zabel wants to change that!)
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Communication Avenues

Phone - 723-6425 ext. 240, there is a voice mail option
E-mail - zabell@lancastersd.k12.wi.us


There are many resources to be used for success at LMS.

If you need a calendar of today's homework, try the Remind site or the school's website.

If you would like to see books,the LMS library catalog is on the school's website under the student tab. The Schreiner Memorial Library (Lancaster's public library) has a website that gives lots of information on their collection, the Southwest Wisconsin Library System collection, the library hours & events and a link to Overdrive for the online collection.


If you need to contact a LMS staff member, look in the staff directory of the school's website.



As part of my attempt to use more technology and to add another way to give an opportunity for student success, I have joined other staff members in using the website Remind. It will give you the homework for the day on your phone or computer. Each student was given a handout with the ways to log on to my page of the Remind website.

Option #1 - Download the Remind app. (it's free) Enter class code @2f5bb for 7th grade students. Enter @02507 for 6th grade students.

Option #2 - Use this link: www.remind.com

Option #2 - phone number 510-292-4948 then the 7th grade class code is @2f5bb and the 6th grade code is @02507

I would appreciate feedback on your use with the Remind site.

Read Alouds

6th Grade =Rescue Josh McGuire by Ben Mikaelson

7th Grade = Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carmen