Blaze Freshmen Newsletter

Class of 2021

Your School Counselors

Mrs. Borel [Last Names A-D]

Ms. Bryan [Last Names E-K]

Mrs. Barber [Last Names L-R]

Mrs. Clawson [Last Names S-Z]

Mrs. Breiner [College/Career]

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Graduation Requirements

English = 4 credits

Math = 4 credits

Science = 3 credits

Social Studies = 2 credits

Fine Art = 1 credit

Government/Economics = 1 credit

Personal Finance = ½ credit

Wellness = 1 ½ credit

Foreign Language = 2 credits

Elective focus (pathway) = 3 credits

Elective = 1 credit

A total of 23 credits are needed for graduation. Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure you take all of the classes you need to graduate.

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How to Calculate Your GPA

Your GPA is very important in getting into college and being competitive for scholarships. You want to keep it as high as possible. GPA is based on a 4.0 scale, and it is figured at the end of each semester. GPA is figured using quality points, which are given based on the grades you make. For every ‘A’ you make, you receive 4 quality points, for every ‘B’ you make, you receive 3 quality points, etc. See below.

Total quality points / Total # of semester grades = GPA

A = 4 quality points

B = 3 quality points

C = 2 quality points

D = 1 quality point

F = 0 quality points

Important: Zeros do affect your grade!! It takes three ‘100s’ to bring one zero up to a passing grade.

Need help with your classes?

Check out the Tutoring Services during C & I time!

What? Tutoring for English, Math, Biology, and Foreign Language [Latin- Monday. Spanish- Tuesday & Thursday. French-Wednesday]

Where? The BHS Library

When? Every Day during C & I

How? Students must come to the library before 8:25 to receive a pass.
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Sample Sophomore Year Schedule

  • English 2​

  • Integrated Math 2

  • 2nd Science

  • 1st Foreign Language ​

  • Pathway Class​

  • Elective

  • PE 2 + Semester Elective

Important Course Registration Dates

  • Monday, March 12th​- Verification forms will be sent home. ​

  • Friday, March 16th​- Signed verification forms with any changes are due to the counseling office. A parent override form is required to take a course beyond the teacher recommended level. All forms and parents overrides are due today. No changes will be made after this date.