Austin's 5 Themes of Geography

By Anna Sasaki

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Absolute Location

Austin, Texas is 30.27 degrees North, and 97.78 degrees West. Austin is exactly 182.1 miles away from Dallas, 73.5 miles from San Antonio, 529 miles away from El Paso, and 146.8 miles away from Houston.

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Relative Location

Austin is about 1 1/2 hours away from San Antonio, about 3 hours away from Dallas, 9 1/2 hours away from El Paso, and about 2 1/2 hours away from Houston (all by car).

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There are basically two parts of Austin. One part is the city, which is full of people and tall sky scrapers and buildings. It shows how crazy Austin can get, and how people like visiting such a lively place.

The second part is the rural areas, where there is nature everywhere. It contains a lot of plants and trees, with some roads around. Some parts are really hilly, and some parts are really flat. There are some caves and a few small cliffs.

(There is an inbetween, but I just wanted to show the two major parts)

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A place similar to Austin, Texas is Chicago,Illinois. Both places are eco-friendly and help preserve nature and wildlife. They both contain copious amounts of parks.

Like Austin, there are city areas and rural areas.

In the city, there are many sky scrapers, and it is a live and robust place. The picture of the city in Chicago compared to the city in Austin are very similar.

In the rural regions, though, it is more quiet. Although Chicago doesn't have many trees in its rural areas, it has plenty of grass.

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Austin is a very eco-friendly place that draws people from all over the world to help be green. The picture above is Barton Creek Mall, which has successfully switched using shopping bags to telling consumers to bring their own bags. Almost the whole mall is participating in this action to help be nature-friendly.

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Human Environment

This is the Mansfield Dam. We use the Colorado River for its hydro-electric energy. It helps us stay eco-friendly also, making Austin an even greener, healthier place. It helps us control the water levels for our liking and our own personal benefits like water skiing and other activities.