Lucy the Doll

By: Emma Schwartz

The Beginning

Hi there! I am Lucy, Emma's doll. I started off being her moms doll, but she never opened me. I think that was because she loved me so much, but that's okay, I got to sit on the shelf forever with loads of other dolls. Lets fast-forward to a few years ago, when Emma was about 8. Emma, being Emma was exploring the house, when she found me packed away. I could tell by that ecstatic smile and those sparkling eyes that Emma fell in love with me, and I was proud to say I was hers, so as Emma took me out of the box and threw that box away, I knew this would be incredible.

The Middle

Emma and I went everywhere together. From Walmart once a week, to sleepovers with her friends. We even went to the moon!! Okay, maybe that last one wasn't 100% true... anyways, point being you name it, we did it. I love sitting on my one spot in her bed, in front of all the other toys. I feel so proud to be "Emma's Favorite Toy." Emma always braids my hair in two pig tails, and then she does it to herself. We are so alike! There was this one time I can remember really well when Emma took me on this thing I heard her call an "Airplane" and we flew to Las Vegas. It was great to see Emma so happy, because I truly loved her. I loved going on car rides. Sitting, strapped in with Emma. The feeling of nervousness, because I obviously can't see the road. Those birthdays Emma has are crazy!! She has gotten so much bigger through these 2 years!! Emma is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

The End

Emma is now 12 years old, and has lost interest in me. It breaks my heart not sitting on my one spot in her bed. It breaks my heart not going everywhere. It breaks my heart not having her do my hair. And the thing that breaks my heart the most, is not being there for her. I have seen all of Emma's friends come in, and come out. I have seen her go through some struggles, and I was always there, right beside her. Now its different. Emma is interested in her phone, or makeup. No more dolls for her I guess.. I had been sitting on Emma's shelf for a few years, when out of nowhere she took me off and looks good and hard at me. She then walked to her sister, Natalie, and told her this, "Natalie, I have decided to give you Lucy. You know how special she is, and I want you to take good care of her, okay?" I then smiled brightly. She still loves me, I thought. I looked over at Natalie who replied with a simple nod and a very bright smile. I love Natalie, she is JUST like Emma, and makes me feel the way she did. Life as a toy isn't too bad, it always has different endings, but mine was a happily ever after.