🐬 Week of October 25, 2020

Hollinger's Island Elementary School

This week is both Red Ribbon Week and Anti-Bullying Week. 😊 We would love for all our students to participate, both on campus and online.

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1st quarter ends on November 2nd!

Parents please check your emails for your child's weekly progress report. Also please check Schoology to see that your children are turning in their assignments, especially if they are doing remote learning. We have many remote students who are not turning in assignments. It will be nearly impossible for those students to pass first quarter, or for their teachers to fully catch them up..

Parents of remote students... it is imperative that your child is in class ON TIME. Parents should not interrupt a teacher by signing their child on late and asking what the teacher has taught so far.

Unless they are ill, please have your chil/dren at school every day! Attendance is being recorded, and our attendance officer is currently filing court petitions on students with 7+ unexcused absences.

Our character trait of the month is trustworthiness. Here's a helpful link on developing trustworthiness in children.

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