The New Oakland Bay Bridge

Welcome to the Grand Opening of the Rainbow Bridge!!!!!!:)

As the Rainbow Bridge stands in place.....with pride.......let it be known that it shall serve many sweet rides as well as memorable moments!Don't miss the grand opening of the wonderful and inspirational Rainbow Bridge,known as the Road to Education!The Mora"s Minion Association built this bridge as an inspiration and a dedication to the amazing things in life, and to move on from the past.

This is the new road to education!

The Rainbow Bridge

Wednesday, Nov. 19th, 8:30am

Oakland, CA, United States

Oakland, CA

"Oh,say can u see the amazing new bridge,how so boldly it stands,in a mighty earthquake ,its poles are so high,enough to reach the sky."

Come and see the grand new bridge,a beautiful and smooth road,a SAFE journey to education and a safe return as well.

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