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March Message 2016

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What Pet Should I Get?

In celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, all students have read the new story, What Pet Should I Get? by Dr. Seuss. What…How could Theodor Geisel just have published a new book? Well, Theodor “Seuss” Geisel wrote and illustrated three books before his death in 1991. Those books have recently been discovered and are going through the publishing process. So far, one of them has been published and enjoyed by the students at Bethel! After reading the story, each grade level completed various STEAM projects, which integrate literature with science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. To view pictures and final projects, visit


Kindergarten students played a pick-a-pet game where they randomly picked a pet out of the bucket and added the pet to a bar graph. Pet fish won by a landslide in Mrs. Pratt’s homeroom; Mrs. Thomas’s and Dr. Burton’s classes both picked pet dogs.

First Grade

First graders also played a pick-a-pet game and completed bar graphs, but they worked in small groups to complete their graphs. Each person rolled the dice, which told them how many pets they could pick. They randomly picked the pets and recorded the results on the graph continuing until they picked the number of pets on the dice. Take a look in the hallway by the BLC for group results.

Second Grade

Second graders drew pictures of their perfect pets, named them, and described them. It was interesting to see the variety of different pets students would like to have.

Third Grade

Third graders designed, created, and named their own pet rocks.

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders were able to do something they hardly get to do: play with Play-Doh! Students were randomly assigned to a “family.” Families had to agree on what kind of animal would make the perfect pet. Students then created the pet out of Play-Doh, named the pet, then made-up a fictional story about their pets. Come by the BLC or visit to meet and read stories about the pets.

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders were assigned the task of stocking a 30-gallon aquarium. Students were given a budget of $25 and randomly assigned to a “family” where they had to agree on selecting fish for the tank. Students needed to think about special needs of fish, size of fish, making sure fish would get along, schools of fish, and price of fish. After deciding on the fish, the students added pictures to a virtual aquarium and wrote persuasive letters of why the fish they chose should be purchased. Take a look at their virtual aquariums by visiting

Junior Battle of the Books

Our third graders recently participated in Bethel’s first Junior Battle of the Books completion. For five weeks before the March 11 competition, students read and read and read! Teams then took the knowledge of the books to answer questions about the books. All teams were awesome and the competition was fierce!

In the end, the results were:

1. The Smarties (413)

2. Cuties (407)

3. Warhawks (406)

4. Smartycats (358)

5. The Invaders (342)

6. The Great Book Reads (341)

7. The Fatz (331)

8. The Champs (323)

9. Champions (318)

10. Sharks (302)

11. Smartburst (297)

12. The Vypers (290)

13. MJK (254)

14. The Crushers (234)

Great job to all teams! A very special thanks to Julie List and all our parent volunteers, Terry Jackson, Hilda Williams, Rob Barrett, Kim Ramsey, Avery Goode, and our Bethel Custodians for helping set up and clean up!

Book Fair

Thanks to all who came out to support the Scholastic Book Fair!
Take a look at this website for book-a-day recommendations:

South Carolina Award Winning Books

You're in Luck!

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