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April 9, 2021

Calendar of Events at Westbrook School

Monday, April 12

7:30 p.m. - Board of Education Mtg.

Tuesday, April 13

6:00 p.m. - PTA Mtg.

Message from the Principals

Dear Westbrook Families,

It has been an amazing week here at Westbrook. Students, staff and families have been all smiles as we welcomed back our students for adapted in person! We started the week off with a bang as Mr. Hoeft received a pie in the face to celebrate the achievements of our Westbrook and GOAL students during our Read Across America event sponsored by the PTA.

The week has been filled with SELebrations to build classroom community and settle into new routines. Students and staff have learned all new routines surrounding lunch and recess as well as a new routine for dismissal. With anything new there have been some challenges but overall it has been a great week!

Please continue to self-assess your students daily. Our arrival process for all students is much quicker when students have been self assessed. I can not stress the importance of honestly on the self-assessment. If you are seeing symptoms or if your child is waiting for results from a Covid test, please keep them at home!

We have talked to all students this week about the importance of staying in designated areas/seats. This looks different inside of a classroom, during lunch, at recess and while riding the bus. Please take a moment to talk with your students about the importance of staying in assigned seats, it would be very much appreciated!

Just a few fun lines I have heard from students this week across the building...ENJOY!

"These are the best chicken nuggets ever!"

"Recess is way more fun than playing with my brother."

"My mom said dandelions are weeds and that no yard or grass should ever have dandelions."

"Mr. Hoeft, this barbecue sauce is the best I've ever had!"


Patrick, Martha and Maggie

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Drop Off/Pick Up Times

While the actual instructional times are above, here are the drop off and pick up times here at Westbrook!


AM Arrival for ALL students:

Drop off: 8:30-8:45.

Any student arriving after 8:45 will need to check in at the main office.

AM Dismissal:

Early Childhood: 11:05-11:15.

Kindergarten: 11:15-11:25.

EC-Kindergarten PM Arrival

Early Childhood drop off: 12:35-12:45.

Kindergarten drop off: 12:50-1:00.

PM Dismissal:

Early Childhood pick up is 3:15-3:25.

PM Kindergarten and first and second grade pick up is 3:30-3:45.

Wednesday ONLY

AM Arrival for ALL students:

Drop off: 9:30-9:45.

Any student arriving after 9:45 will need to check in at the main office.

AM Dismissal:

Early Childhood: 11:35-11:45

Kindergarten: 11:45-11:55.

EC-Kindergarten PM Arrival

Early Childhood drop off: 1:05-1:15.

Kindergarten drop off: 1:20-1:30.

PM Dismissal:

Early Childhood pick up is 3:15-3:25.

PM Kindergarten and first and second grade pick up is 3:30-3:45.


One of the site challenges at Westbrook is the car pick up line. We have several arrival/dismissal times with K-2 students and Early Childhood. You might have talked to one of our administrative assistants or seen what we are trying NEW during our dismissal and this is to keep our K-2 parents out of the "U" bend to allow early childhood car to be able to "make the turn" for pick up. We will continue to remind families but if you arrive early to the Westbrook parking lot to pick up students in K-2 please do not stop in the "U" bend to allow our Early Childhood families to pick up. I have included a picture of the area below with a red "U" to indicate the area of concern.
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Class Placement Feedback

Later this spring, the Westbrook staff and I will engage in our work to create the groups of children that will comprise our 2021-22 homeroom classes. The class placement process is one that takes considerable time and collaboration among our school team, and will not be truly finalized until August. In creating classes, we strive to take into account all that we have already learned regarding the social, emotional, academic and creative aspects of every child. Our goal is to form balanced, heterogeneous classes in which each child can succeed. If you have additional information that you feel is important for us to consider when placing your child in a class for next school year, please share it with me in writing (or email: no later than April 30th. Your thoughts about your child’s peer relationships and previous school experiences are certainly valued. Consistent with past practice at Westbrook School, however, please know that we are unable to honor requests for specific teachers. If you have any questions about the class placement process, please give me a call.
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School Code: 4ELGK

Technology Support

If you need assistance with an iPad or other technology related resource during the school day, please refer to the D34 Tech Hub or the Tech Support while Remote sections of the District 34 website.

For immediate help during remote learning, call (847) 998-5075 between 9:00 am - 2:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

From the Health Office

Please remember that Kindergarten students need to provide proof of an eye exam.

If you need help locating an eye doctor, please call the school health office at 847-657-2494.

Also, Kindergarten and 2nd Grade students are required to have a dental examination by May, 15th of this school year.

If your child has had an exam within the past year and you have not submitted their form please call your dentist and ask them to fill out the exam. If you have submitted one for this year thank you very much.

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Westbrook/Glen Grove PTA Good Vibes

- The Good Vibes Campaign - Opportunities to generate Good Vibes for our teachers, schools, community - and ourselves!

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Facebook & Twitter Accounts!

We are now on Facebook and Twitter!

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