Marcus Latimore

Oct. 29th, 1991

Marcus latimore

Marcus Lattimore

Marcus Latimore was born in Duncan, SC on Oct.29, 1991. He attended Byrnes high school. The star running back got a scholarship to USC collage. Again and again, he set records and was on "Best top 10" almost every week. But a snapped knee kept him out for a long time.

In the 2014 NFL draft, Marcus was assigned to the 49ers. But 2 weeks ago, he retired without ever playing an NFL game. Fans are still shocked and will be for a while. Being a Carolina fan myself, I don't think he should've retired so soon.

Marcus's Hobbies

Marcus wasn't all about football. In high school, he bowled on a minor league bowling team. But, when it came about Marcus had no trouble deciding if he should start a football career.
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