Monster Mash Math

Math for the Day

Goblins, Fall, & Pumpkins

Hey everyone lets take time to have some fun with goblins, fall, and pumpkins. Ask your students to bring in pumpkins for class lessons on October 31. Get with your team and design creative lessons in math, science, social studies, and ela that involve pumpkins. All classes will be involved in fun learning till time for the Math Carnival.

Halloween Day

Friday, Oct. 31st, 8am

Rann Elementary Classrooms

Fall Fun

Kindergarten Storybook Character Parade 8:00 am

Pumpkin fun lessons begin in classrooms 8:30 am

Monster Mash Carnival 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Monster Mash Math Carnival

I have fond memories of the Halloween Carnival when I was in elementary. The games set up around the gym, popcorn balls as big as my fist for sale at the concession stand, and the Haunted House set up in the girls dressing room. I know we can't replicate that exactly, but we can still have lots of fun at our Rann Carnival. Each classroom, (the more the merrier) is to come up with a fun math carnival game and set it up in their room or hallway. We will divide the building in half, and at 1:30 kids are allowed to have fun at the carnival on their own. All staff personnel will be involved so we can help the little ones as needed. K-2nd will stay on their side of the building, and 3rd-5th will stay on the other side. There will be prizes and lots of fun for our kids and us. Plan your costumes early and lets have some fun, and learning at the same time!